Many people think that their identity can only be stolen if they use their credit card at an untrustworthy place. However, many scammers are now using fear to get people’s personal information. Phishing is attempting to get a person’s personal information by pretending to be a trustworthy entity during an electronic communication. Make sure to watch out for these common fear based phishing motivators.

  1. Fear of financial loss. Many scammers will send out e-mails warning about a new internet bug that can steal your bank account information. They will then ask for your personal information to help protect you from this fake bug.
  2. Fear of personal loss. Phishers can use something as simple as your e-mail address and passwords to create online bank accounts in your name.
  3. Fear of missing out. Scammers will send out e-mails with subjects such as “great pictures of the kids” in order to get you to open the email. Once the email is opened, your computer becomes infected, allowing them to gain access to your personal information.

Contact Maurice Taylor Insurance to help protect your personal information from being stolen while online.

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