Keeping Your Home Safe During Fire Season

If you live in Los Angeles county you know what fire season is like. Starting early May, Dry hot winds will cause the already dry brush on the sides of mountain to rub together and create natural but devastating fires. Seeing the thick gray smoke billowing from the mountain side is enough to send locals packing.

The Los Angeles Fire Department is prepared for these brush fires with their fire hazard reduction program. This program focuses on vegetation in wild land areas and the removal of high fire hazard or dry grasses, shrubs, and trees.

Although The Los Angeles Fire Department does all that they can to help prevent fire dangers you can do your part and help your local firefighters.

Clear up any dry brush or plants that surround the structure of your house to help avoid danger to your home during a wildfire and keep your roof free of any sort of dry vegetation. In the event of a fire listen to constructions and evacuate to keep roads clear.

Maurice Taylor Insurance wants your home to stay safe this fire season. Contact us today for any of your home insurance needs!

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