Auto Insurance While You are Driving for an App

For many in school trying to make a quick buck, new apps such as Lyft and Uber that allow you to work from your own car and make money giving rides seem like a goldmine. Unfortunately the people taking advantage of this opportunity to easily make money are unaware that their car is not covered by personal automobile insurance policies.

By treating your car as a taxi you are putting your personal property at risk.  If you are collecting money for driving, whether the damage is inside or on the outside of your car, any damage you receive while you are driving as a “commercial venture”is not actually covered by insurance. many car insurance companies are not informing their consumers. This is scary because driving your car great distances without insurance puts you at risk.

In the end, making a quick buck may not be worth the potential damages you may incur while driving your car uninsured. Do yourself a favor and make sure you have the right insurance if you choose to drive your car as a taxi.

Maurice Taylor Insurance wants to keep you informed on all the latest in auto insurance. Contact us today for any of your insurance needs!

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