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Use Your Spring Cleaning as a Trigger to Review Your Insurance Coverage

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Spring is finally coming–we hope. Have you tried using your spring cleaning commitment as a trigger to review your insurance coverage? It’s a perfect time to do so.

For example, have you insured your new electronics on your homeowners or renters policy? Are that new 60-inch HDTV and tablet computer sufficiently covered for theft or hazard loss?

Just as you update your "stuff" over the winter or receive holiday season gifts, while discarding older, obsolete items, you should review and update your insurance coverage, if necessary. You probably won’t know if you need changes unless you have a spring cleaning review of your insurance needs.

Ask the important questions. Did you acquire new personal property over the winter? Did you make home improvements increasing the value of your real estate? Did you start a small business? Did you change jobs? Do you have more assets to protect than you did last year? Do you want more protection to help you sleep better in 2014?

A thorough insurance review may recommend no changes or even reductions in coverage. The point is to stay properly protected at all times. To get help with valuable advice if you live in the Los Angeles, California area, contact Maurice Taylor Insurance. Since 1991, Maurice Taylor Insurance has given clients personalized treatment to affordably protect their personal and business assets.

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