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The Affordable Care Act can help small business owners reduce employee healthcare costs.

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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 has radically transformed the way in which individuals and businesses in the U.S. purchase healthcare coverage. The act requires medical insurance coverage for all individuals in the United States regardless of their employment status, income or prior medical history. Though the changes affect everybody, small businesses in particular are impacted most by the ACA.

The ACA provides a variety of options for small businesses to lower the amount they pay each month on providing insurance coverage for employees. The options vary based on whether you are self-employed, run a business with under 25 employees or operate a business that has more than 25 employees but less than 50 in total. For example, businesses with fewer than 25 employees can get Health Care Tax Credits to help them keep the cost of employee insurance down. Similarly, they are eligible for special Small Business Health Options Programs (SHOP) via ACA healthcare exchanges. Businesses with between 25 and 50 employees too will be eligible for SHOP programs and will generally not have to pay as much as they have had to in the past for employee healthcare coverage.

If you are a small business owner in Los Angeles, California and want to known how the ACA can help you lower healthcare csosts, please contact the insurance specialists at Maurice Taylor Insurance.

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