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Resolve to Eat Healthy Snacks This Year

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Eating healthy is a common New Years resolution since so many of us eat too much in November and December.  Obesity is one of the primary causes for heart disease and diabetes.  These two diseases are considered killers, so overweight people pay higher life insurance premiums to offset the risk.   Anyone considering the purchase of life insurance coverage should remember the importance of a healthy body weight.  Your daily food choices determine your health condition when the insurance exam is conducted.  Instead of munching on chips and cookies, consider a piece of fruit, or cheese, as a healthy alternative.


The presence of healthy foods in the fridge and lunchbox ensure that sugary snacks are out of reach.  Snacking becomes a habit when socializing is part of the routine.  A glass of water, or a cup of coffee, can replace the snack when your desire is to reduce calories and participate in the discussion.  Minor changes to your daily diet will ensure that you stay on track toward your resolution to eat healthy and take off some extra pounds.


As you near your ideal weight this year, contact Maurice Taylor Insurance for a life insurance quote.  Your family deserves careful consideration and protection against loss.

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