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Maurice Taylor Insurance Urges You to Find a Board-Certified Doctor

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Maurice Taylor Insurance wants to make sure you stay safe when looking for a new doctor. Do you have a board-certified physician? This matters just as much as whether or not your current health care policy suits your needs.

California Certification Requirements

According to the Medical Board of California, doctors in this state are not required to become board-certified. However, Business and Professions Code section 651 states that physicians must not advertise certification status unless the ABMS Member Board has declared them as certified. An organization that holds standards equal to the ABMS could also make determination of proper board affiliation status. 

In any case, it matters what doctor you see. After all, not all insurance policies include treatment by just any doctor. It’s up to you to find out what kind of training your physician received. However, if you don’t know how to find out on your own, an expert from our team can help.

Please contact Maurice Taylor Insurance today to receive guidance on how you can find insurance coverage in California We provide coverage that includes board-certified doctors.  

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