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Maurice Taylor Insurance Offers Renters Insurance that Includes Cost of Appliances

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Maurice Taylor Insurance knows how hard people work for their material possessions. We also understand that some personal belongings carry sentimental value as well as monetary worth.

Therefore, we offer complete renters coverage to suit the needs of all individuals. Our policies cover one or more of the following:

  • Personal belongs including any appliance owned by the renter
  • Living expenses that incur if the renter has to move
  • Any damage liability that requires the renter to pay out of pocket

We reimburse our clients for any costs beyond typical wear and tear is. Our different levels of renters insurance policies account for the varying net worths of property and belongings.

For Homeowners

For people who own the home they live in instead of rent, we also cover the cost of repairing or replacing the basic structure of the home. For additional coverage in case of a natural disaster or fire, please ask us for more information.

Supplemental Coverage

We offer additional coverage for anyone who wants to recover financial loss after a flood, earthquake, tornado or hurricane. For more information about renters insurance please contact Maurice Taylor Insurance today.

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