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How to Avoid 5 Common Types of Automobile Accidents

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Practicing safe driving is the best way to avoid automobile accidents, but sometimes they happen anyway. Here are a few tips on some of the more common accident situations and ways to guard against them happening to you.


1. Rear-end collisions


Perhaps surprisingly, almost a third of all car accidents are rear-enders. If you are rear-ended it is usually pretty hard to avoid this accident, as you are probably stopped and can’t maneuver out of the way, even if you do see it coming. Whether you are victim or perpetrator, this accident is probably due to distraction or inattention of the driver. Driving is a responsibility that knows no resting period or exceptions. Pay attention to the important task at hand, not to the music, or conversation, or any other distraction.


2. Side-impact accidents


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says this type of accident is involved in 27 percent of fatal collisions. When one car "T-bones" another it is usually because one or both drivers have made a critical error. Being at rest at an intersection can give a false sense of security, with the driver failing to fully appreciate the speed of other cars. Yield to cars that have the right of way. Look both ways before pulling out, and don’t dawdle in the intersection. Remember that the "other driver" may be driving too fast, and conversing with passengers while doing so.


3. Parked vehicles


This is clearly a matter of attention and distraction. Hitting any stationary object is something that should never happen if you are fully in control of your vehicle and aware of your surroundings.


4. Hydroplaning


Drivers who are experienced on ice and snow realize the difficulty involved with traction and tire adhesion. But even these experienced drivers can easily be taken by surprise when standing water is unexpectedly encountered in the roadway. At a certain speed, tires will lose contact with the road and rise above it, effectively riding on the surface of the water, instead. The ability to steer is lost and the vehicle remains out of control until tire contact is again established. The way to avoid this is to simply slow down when driving in flooded or rainy conditions.


5. Collisions with animals


Deer or other wild animals appear unexpectedly, and repairs from collisions with them can be expensive, not to mention the likelihood that you will also kill the animal. Domestic pets can also dart out unexpectedly, and trying to avoid hitting them can send you into another car, or a stationary object, or off the roadway. Especially at night, heed cautionary animal-crossing signs, use high-beam headlights when possible, and keep your speed manageable.


Car accidents do happen, even to the best drivers. But doing what you can to avoid them is your responsibility, just as it is in your best interest to obtain the best auto insurance value available.


For more information on auto accidents and the insurance you need to protect yourself from them, contact the professionals at Maurice Taylor Insurance Brokers in Los Angeles, proudly serving their California customers.

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