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Home Improvement Ideas for Fall

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For many homeowners, fall offers an opportune time to do maintenance on their property. As cooler weather sets in, it’s important to get your home in shape for the winter season. The following are a few home improvement jobs you may want to institute during this time.

Weather-stripping – Cracks around windows and doors can let in cool drafts that can cause you or your kids to catch colds. Weather-stripping will keep cool air out and let you enjoy a warmer, more comfy abode. 

Gutters – Clear out fallen leaves and twigs out of your gutters so that rainwater can freely flow. Make sure your drainage systems are working properly so there’s no water backlog to cause water damage on your home. 

Roof – Inspect your roof for worn shingles or weather damage before it gets too rainy or cold. Roof repairs are an investment to keep your home safe in the event of future storms.

Filters – Replace old and dirty air filters on your HVAC system to improve air quality in your home. Clean filters will also improve the way your system performs.

Taking good care of your home and making it a safer environment can help lower the cost of your homeowners insurance.  For more information about home improvements and homeowners insurance in Los Angeles, CA, contact Maurice Taylor Insurance

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