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Find the Right Insurance for Your New Business

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A new business involves plenty of risk from fire and theft to employee injuries. Having insufficient business insurance could mean the end of your venture and financial sustainability. Many new owners turn to Maurice Taylor Insurance for high quality coverage with all the major providers at competitive rates. There are several factors to consider when finding the right business insurance to meet your distinctive needs.

The primary step to finding customized business insurance is to investigate what specific incidents are possible in your industry. For most small businesses, a general liability policy is enough to cover any injuries or damage to the property but if there is expensive goods involved, more business insurance is necessary. New companies in transportation need auto insurance for vehicles and workers’ compensation for employees. Unless you run the business completely on your own, all workers must have coverage.

If you own the property of the new business then a general liability policy is not enough. You also need property insurance to cover not just the building itself but any equipment inside, inventory, and other furnishings. Find more information on Maurice Taylor Insurance to get the best combination of coverage for your new business.  

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