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Ensure Business Well-Being with a Yearly Insurance Review

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No one can say that owning and operating a small business is anything less than a full-time job.  Even if you started your own business to gain more time and freedom, there are times when you will acknowledge that the work seems endless, and the rewards too small.  In the end, though, owning your own business is one of your greatest achievements, and something you want to protect in every way possible. 

In the same way that you perform preventive maintenance on an automobile, or have a yearly medical checkup, you will want to review your commercial insurance coverage with your agent to ensure that your policies still meet your needs, that there are no new requirements that you need to consider, and that you are getting the best value for your money.

At the very least, schedule a review with your insurance broker or agent of your general liability and business property coverage, as well as business vehicle policies and such things as state-mandated workers’ compensation insurance.  If your state, or your business, requires bonding for licensing, or policies to cover other contingencies, be certain you understand those needs.  In California, you might also want to discuss such things as umbrella coverage, key-man policies, and health insurance. 

Your professional agent at Maurice Taylor Insurance is available to help you conduct this important audit of your business insurance policies.  Call today to schedule an appointment at our Los Angeles location.

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