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Do You Have Flood Insurance?

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Read the fine print at the bottom of your Maurice Taylor Insurance Brokers, policy, and you will discover that your homeowner’s insurance does not include coverage for floods, earthquakes or other natural disasters. You need to purchase supplemental insurance coverage if you want to protect your house or office complex.

Flood insurance coverage is particularly important if you live in the Los Angeles area because the winter season often witnesses massive amounts of floods due to heavy rainstorms. Consequently, you do need to have flood insurance coverage to protect your home and business, or you may end up paying large sums of money to repair extensive damages.

Even if you think your neighborhood is immune to floods, you can still buy a Preferred Risk Policy, courtesy of Maurice Taylor Insurance Brokers, Inc., for a nominal yearly fee. A supplemental flood insurance policy will protect your Los Angeles property in case the unexpected occurs.

Speak with an insurance agent who has familiarity with the Los Angeles area and the neighborhood in which you reside. For more information about how to protect your Los Angeles property with a supplemental flood insurance policy, contact Maurice Taylor Insurance Brokers, Inc.

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