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Build Your Own Homeowners Halloween Safety Guide

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Halloween is a fun yet spooky holiday not because of ghosts and goblins but from the risks involved. During this holiday, streets are full of children and grownups so follow this Homeowners Halloween safety guide to prevent the worst case scenarios. Before Halloween starts, take care of minor details around the house to deter burglars and rowdy visitors.

The most important advice in this Homeowners Halloween safety guide is to clear all walkways and lawns of objects. Exterior decorations are lovely during the day but at night it could cause injury to visitors. Also rake all fallen leaves, check loose tiles, and remove all pebbles and rocks to prevent slipping. When you put up scary decorations, consider precautions in this Homeowners Halloween safety guide from Maurice Taylor Insurance.

Never leave pumpkins with lit candles around trees, shrubbery, or any items made of paper. A fire stars easily when wind blows a paper decoration on the flames. Do not hang decorations that have swinging parts like a witch’s broom to avoid injury those coming to trick-or-treat. Most importantly, have quality homeowners insurance to cover accidents that occurs. For competitive homeowners policies, contact Maurice Taylor Insurance to save time and money.

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