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Ensure Business Well-Being with a Yearly Insurance Review

No one can say that owning and operating a small business is anything less than a full-time job.  Even if you started your own business to gain more time and freedom, there are times when you will acknowledge that the work seems endless, and the rewards too […]

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How to Avoid 5 Common Types of Automobile Accidents

Practicing safe driving is the best way to avoid automobile accidents, but sometimes they happen anyway. Here are a few tips on some of the more common accident situations and ways to guard against them happening to you.   1. Rear-end collisions   Perhaps surprisingly, almost a […]

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A Tax Season Privacy Reminder

Identity thieves love tax season. All they have to do is obtain a W-2 form, tax return or similar information to gain a wealth of personal information — name, employer, social security number, address and income. Follow these tips to boost your privacy: 1. Keep your tax […]

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What’s Happening in LA, California During March?

There is a lot going on in March in LA, California.  There are a lot of events where adults, teens, and children can participate.    There has never been a better time to come out and make new friends, and learn new things. Winter Classes Starting at […]

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Moving? It’s Time to Revisit Your Insurance Policies

Once you decide to move, you quickly realize that there is a lot of things you need to take care of. You need to pack, hire movers, and get used to the new route between your new home and where you work. Often, moving also means getting […]

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The Affordable Care Act can help small business owners reduce employee healthcare costs.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 has radically transformed the way in which individuals and businesses in the U.S. purchase healthcare coverage. The act requires medical insurance coverage for all individuals in the United States regardless of their employment status, income or prior medical […]

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What is Civil Service Employees Insurance?

Insurance is a complicated matter. While you can buy insurance from your employer or the company itself, if you are a public services worker, such as a postal worker, police officer or something similar, you have another option. Civil service employees insurance is an excellent way to […]

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Maurice Taylor Insurance will Help you Obtain the Right Health Coverage

We know all the current Affordable Care Act laws as enacted by Congress. Our team will walk you through every line of your current policy to find out if you can keep it. However, in the process, we may suggest better coverage for you per recent legislation […]

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Resolve to Eat Healthy Snacks This Year

Eating healthy is a common New Years resolution since so many of us eat too much in November and December.  Obesity is one of the primary causes for heart disease and diabetes.  These two diseases are considered killers, so overweight people pay higher life insurance premiums to […]

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Maurice Taylor Insurance Urges You to Find a Board-Certified Doctor

Maurice Taylor Insurance wants to make sure you stay safe when looking for a new doctor. Do you have a board-certified physician? This matters just as much as whether or not your current health care policy suits your needs. California Certification Requirements According to the Medical Board […]

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