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The Reality of Vehicle Theft in California May Surprise You

If you were asked if car theft was on the rise what would your answer be? Although for some,car theft is a huge fear, in reality according to the Department of Justice, Car thefts have lowered to about 35% less. According to research three in four Californians […]

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Keeping Your Insurance Premiums as Low as Possible

If you have to have car insurance you might as well be paying the lowest rates. Unfortunately, car insurance only gets more expensive after every traffic violation. Keep your wallet happy by understanding how your driving record can affect the price of your insurance. There’s no set […]

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Home Improvement Projects that Yield the Highest Return On Investment

If you’ve been dreaming of remodeling your home but don’t have the heart to spend the money, you may want to consider the return on investment value. Many home improvement projects seem expensive at face value, but their return on investment value may even out the playing […]

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California Auto Insurance Facts

Many just simply accept the rate they are given and pay their auto insurance premium each month with no questions asked. However, it is important to know which driving habits cause prices to fluctuate and if your lifestyle is causing the increase in prices. Compiled are some […]

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Highway Driving Tips: Passing & Driving Near Trucks

Over 250,000 accidents occur each year between passenger cars and 18-wheelers. Although you may want to blame the semi trucks for those accidents, 70% of them are caused by auto drivers. Take these helpful safety tips into consideration to ease your fears and avoid collisions: Remember that […]

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Workers Compensation Reform

California Workers’ Compensation reform could leave Californians with mixed pricing. New reforms may result in higher prices for office visits and physical medicine with a noticeable decrease in prices for surgeries. Based on successful results from Georgia and Maryland, workers’ compensation reform will enforce an established new […]

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Summer Car Maintenance

Before you embark on your summer road trip, be sure your car is ready and can handle any obstacles that may come your way. With escalating gas prices, it is a wonder why many of us continue to travel by car. Take these helpful tips into consideration […]

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California Wildfire Preparedness

As a California resident, it is important that you are aware of the necessary safety precautions to prevent catastrophic damages from a wildfire. California wildfires can destroy homes if the homeowner does not properly prepare ahead of time. Take these safety measures into consideration to prevent wildfire […]

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Sprucing up for Spring!

When getting your home ready for spring, regular maintenance should be one of the first things on the list. There are a few things you can do to help extend your coverage without having to use it. Here are a few tips: Check your light bulbs, wires […]

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Seek Out Competitive Rates for DUI and SR-22 Fililngs

Los Angeles, California area residents convicted of a DUI face new SR-22 challenges. After a DUI, drivers need to file an SR-22 to prove that they meet all state requirements for auto liability insurance and financial responsibility. Costs to make DUI and SR-22 filings can be expensive, […]

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