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Avoid Staged Car Accidents

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Staged car accidents are done in an attempt to scam insurance companies out of thousands of dollars. Uninsured drivers can be caught up in this by being forced to pay cash for faked injuries. While the scam costs auto insurance companies, it also affects your premiums. In addition, these accidents have been known to cause real injuries and even death.

Steps to avoid staged car accidents

Staged accidents include drivers that wait for you to enter an intersection and then accelerated into the side of your car. A car may pull in front of you while another pulls alongside. The car in front of you stops suddenly and you cannot avoid hitting it. Anytime you are involved in an accident, follow some basic rules, especially if the accident seems strange.

  • Contact the police, even if the accident appears minor.
  • If possible, take photos of all vehicles, the license plates and occupants.
  • Never hand over cash suggested to appease the victim.
  • Provide your insurance, driver’s license and registration information but no other personal information. Get the other driver’s information as well.

Your auto insurance company can protect you from frivolous lawsuits resulting from staged accidents. Insurance companies recognize fraud and investigate it. Without auto insurance, you are on your own.

Maurice Taylor Insurance Brokers, Inc. is ready to help drivers with their auto insurance needs in the Los Angeles area. Take the time to contact the company today to protect yourself from accident fraud.

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