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A Tax Season Privacy Reminder

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Identity thieves love tax season. All they have to do is obtain a W-2 form, tax return or similar information to gain a wealth of personal information — name, employer, social security number, address and income. Follow these tips to boost your privacy:

1. Keep your tax forms and documentation in a locked cabinet or safe. If you need to take the documents to a tax specialist, keep them with you at all times while en route.

2. If you haven’t received your W-2 by the end of January, contact your employer immediately. Thieves may have gotten to the mail before you did. (By the way, if your company doesn’t respond, you can contact the IRS and they will intervene with the employer).

3. If you expect a refund and are told you won’t get one, check with the IRS to see if multiple claims were filed in your name. Someone may have filed a return in your name in order to claim a refund for themselves.

4. To protect against identity theft, have an annual credit report check. Look for claims that you worked for an unknown employer or opened credit accounts that you’ve never seen.

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